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Spiritual Mediumship

Carol Kwitkowski: Medium, Psychic, Reiki Master

Carol Kwitkowski is a medium, a psychic and a Reiki Master. Her spiritual journey began before age 3, following the loss of her baby brother Eddie. She started having dreams about what happens when we die.  As a young adult, in search of answers, she went to psychics and mediums to find out if there really was an afterlife. Fast-forward to age 36: she had a stroke. The type of stroke she had leaves many paralyzed, and some don’t make it through at all. She was told over and over that she was “lucky.” She felt she was forever changed and had an overwhelming sense of being connected to God. Carol knew she had more to do in this life and she felt like she was on a divine mission, but wasn’t sure what it all meant. From there she started learning as much as she could about our connection to spirit and intuition. It wasn’t long before other people’s loved ones in spirit started coming to her while in meditation. In learning to connect to the other side, she was learning the language of spirit. Carol then lost her older brother, PJ. He and her shared the last year of his life on a spiritual journey together. They were a team. With PJ’s passing, that threw her into “full speed.” She was determined to have a connection to her brothers, no matter what.  That prompted Carol to became a Reiki Master with the hope of having more experiences with her brothers. As time went on, she started connecting with loved ones for other people. Her heart and soul lies in helping people see that our loved ones are with us. Through Carol’s first-hand experiences, she has become a true believer in what she does and the messages she receives from spirit. We all have our own divine mission, and Carol’s is to help people connect with their loved ones in spirit, and for them to see the beauty of their soul.


Carol offers:

Mediumship Reading: During a session, Carol connects with the spirit world. She starts by saying a silent prayer and tuning her energy to spirit. She will describe the evidence she gets from spirit and together you will make that connection. Carol can also go direct if there is someone in particular you want to hear from. Carol has found spirit always runs the show because she feels that spirit always gives us what is needed.

30 minutes: $100

45 minutes: $135


Intuitive Reiki: Carol believes Reiki energy has its own intelligence and goes where it is needed in the body. It may be emotional, mental, or physical. During a session, Carol will also receive messages. Some of the messages include what’s going in your life present time, guidance on different areas, and issues held from childhood and on that can be released. Loved ones who have passed over may even pop in. Every session is different, and again spirit runs the show.

60 minutes: $145



Angelica Costa, Spiritual Medium and Author

Angelica always knew she had a gift with helping others transform themselves and guiding them towards their most authentic selves. When she began to deepen her connection with spirit and her angel guides, she realized her mediumship and psychic abilities were also strengthening. She has a strong connection to the angelic realm and knows the importance of connecting with loved ones, spirit guides, and angels. She knew by depending on this part of herself she would be able to help others through dark times in their lives. Angelica can help you gain clarity on getting through the darkness, giving you new and clear insight into your selves, and connecting you with loved ones and their important messages for you. She is the author of Graceful: A Soul’s Journey, which can give you more insight into her own self-transformation from dark to light with the help of her angel guides. Angelica has dedicated her life to helping all those who need extra support while on their own soul transformational path.


Angelica offers:

Mediumship/ Psychic Reading with Angel Cards: It is Angelica’s intention for every session to give you the loving messages from spirit and loved ones who have passed on. The session will start with a healing message from your guardian angel and/or spirit guides. Then, they will lead and guide you through what it is you are needing to hear to help you on your path. This includes healing messages, guidance, and clarity.  Once all your questions are answered and you feel fully guided, the connection with your loved ones will be made to allow them to give their loving messages to you.  Angelica’s goal is to help give you tools to help you heal, clarity on any areas in your life that feel heavy in your heart, and guidance towards where you want to be on your path.

1 hour: $175

Angel Reiki Healing: Angel Reiki is a beautiful experience that allows the angels to lead the way in your healing.  Each session is unique and divinely guided.  I allow the archangels and ascended masters to take over to guide me towards the areas that are ready to be released and healed.  Once released and healed, we then fill this space within you with the unconditional love and light of the divine.  Together, with mediumship, other loved ones might help with this process depending on what is meant for you at this time.  Whatever the loving messages are, I will make sure to share with you what spirit guides me to, in order to help you on your spirit journey.  This is a very loving, gentle, spiritual and unconditional experience.  Your guardian angels have led you here if you feel pulled towards this service.

45 minutes: $100

1 hour: $150

Shamanic Stone Healing: This healing session is great to understand your current personal chakra systems and any imbalances that may be taking place.  This session will offer intuitive clarity, peace and harmony if you feel stuck, blocked, and are seeking movement forward. It also will help you gain the perspective of current life situations while helping you reflect on how or why you feel imbalanced.

In this session, you get comfortable laying down as the stones are placed on your energy chakras. From there, intuitively guided with my drum, I receive information needed for healing and guidance.  Then the energy is infused into the stones as they are placed back on your energy systems for harmony and balance to take place.

45 minutes: $65






Channeled Messages

Judith Monahan, Channeler and Spiritual Counselor

Judith Monahan is an internationally known channel. She began channeling messages from “The Brotherhood for Healing” in 1987 after working diligently to develop her psychic abilities. Since 1987, Judith has channeled messages and healing energy from these highly evolved souls who are dedicated to helping humanity and the planet to heal at profound levels. The mission of “The Brotherhood for Healing” is to elevate our vibration, improve the quality of our lives and access our creative portal.

What is the Source of Guidance?

There is no way to pinpoint a location from where spiritual guidance comes. There are many sources of information. The energies that Judith channels are known as “The Brotherhood for Healing.” These energies are an aspect of “The White Brotherhood” also known as “Melchezadek.” Before each channeling session, Judith prays to create a sacred place. When channeling, she seeks only the highest vibration. The information that flows through comes from a place of non-judgment and love. You will feel safe, loved, accepted and empowered throughout a channeling session.


Judith offers:

Individual Channeled Sessions with Judith: The ability to channel involves connecting and resonating with a particular energy field. It involves trust, empathy and the ability to make a strong connection. Judith Monahan has been channeling the energies of “The Brotherhood for Healing” since the 1980’s. Judith uses her skill to articulate the messages of these highly evolved souls who are dedicated to assisting us in healing old wounds, expanding our spiritual energy fields and leading a more creative life. This is a time of great change and we are all being challenged to live a life of purpose. The old paradigms no longer work and we must find new ways to respond to life’s challenges. A session with Judith and the Brotherhood for Healing expands your understanding of the reality you have created and empowers you to create a new and more expansive future. If you have questions about health, finances or relationships, a channeling session can provide insights and new levels of awareness. If you are on a spiritual journey, a channeling session will raise your vibration and clear your field. This is an interactive experience. You are encouraged to ask questions and participate in this powerful process of transformation. Messages from the Brother or healing are expansive and focus on self- empowerment. Group sessions often provide a guided meditation.

Come and experience the energy and wisdom of “the Brotherhood for Healing”.

45 minutes: $100



Akashic Records

Melissa LoBianco, Akashic Records Practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher

Melissa is a Certified Akashic Records Practitioner and Reiki Master/Teacher. The Akashic Records are an energetic archive of our Souls’ past, present, and future possibilities. The Records offer empowerment and transformation by lending us the wisdom, guidance, and energetic support that we need in this lifetime to heal and move forward in a positive light. Melissa uses the Akashic Records to offer spiritual therapy, perspective, and guidance on issues or questions you may have regarding your life and your journey. Melissa incorporates crystal therapy in her sessions as well as in her life. She has been studying and working with crystals for 4 years and has found that the support and guidance they offer can help us understand our healing journeys, and ourselves, at a deeper level. Melissa has found that combining the guidance and perspective of the Akashic Records with Crystal Therapy and Reiki forms a bond between the self and the higher-self consciousness that helps create a lasting understanding and a great way to learn yourself and navigate your life with ease knowing you are divinely supported and loved.

Melissa believes that healing incorporates aspects of all levels of being (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical). Melissa uses this understanding of healing in her therapies to help you understand yourself by connecting to you and your story through your Akashic Records, recognizing unconscious patterns and recreating them consciously, and using Reiki and crystal therapy to allow in a divine energy to aid and support you as you go forward with your life and your healing journey



Melissa offers:

Spiritual Therapy & Akashic Records (S.T.A.R.) Sessions: The Akashic Records are an energetic archive of the Souls’ past, present, and future possibilities. The Records offer empowerment and transformational tools to change your life by lending the wisdom, guidance, and perspective that you need in order to reset old patterns and move forward. Melissa uses the Akashic Records to offer spiritual therapy, perspective, and guidance on issues, patterns, or questions you may have regarding your life, yourself, and your journey.

45 minutes: $80

1 hour: $100


Crystal Reiki in the Akashic Records: This combination therapy includes Crystal Healing, Intuitive Guidance, and Energy Work/Reiki while aligned within the energetic Akashic Record archive of your Soul’s past, present, and future possibilities. This type of healing therapy encourages circulation of information and energy throughout the entire being of mind, body, and spirit. You will receive a crystal bundle to take home of 4-5 crystals that are specific to you and that were used during this session to continue your healing throughout your journey.

45 minutes: $100

1 hour: $120


Crystal Alchemy Sessions: Crystal Alchemy combines spiritual guidance and customized crystal healing. Learn which crystals can help promote healing at a deeper level and why, based on you and your journey. You will receive a crystal bundle to take home of 4-5 crystals that are specific to you and that were used during this session to continue your healing throughout your journey.

45 minutes: $80

60 minutes: $100



Individual Guided Meditation with Reiki Healing: Melissa take you through a guided meditation to help you clear any energy blockages in the body and mind to release stress, worry, and tension. This meditation will help you clear, center, and focus your energy to create clarity and ease. Reiki is a technique used to stimulate energy flow in the body and mind to allow healing at a mental, physical, and emotional level. This Meditation in the Akashic Records and Reiki combination will help you to reconnect and realign with yourself to allow deep healing and restoration at every level. Melissa will open the Akashic Records in the beginning of the session and incorporate crystal healing to open and strengthen your connection to your higher-self and guides. You will take home a crystal bundle of 4-5 crystals used during this session to continue your healing throughout your journey.

60 minutes: $150







Kim LoBianco, Holistic Iridologist, Certified Detoxification Specialist

The story is in your eyes. Holistic Iridology is the art and science of iris photography blended with iris mapping to easily assess where you have come from genetically, where you are now, and where you can potentially be, Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. My name is Kim LoBianco and I am a trained Holistic Iridologist with the Institute of Holistic Iridology that is taught by Dr. David J. Pesek, Ph.D. I am also a Certified Detoxification Specialist taught by Dr. Robert Morse, N.D. I write this because I became interested in detoxification first and that led me to Iridology. An interesting fact about this, for me personally, is that I wanted to study iridology and Dr. Morse did not have it available. I went to the web and found Dr. Pesek, loved his concept of health and healing and took the courses. It turns out that both men had Dr. Bernard Jensen as a mentor and teacher. Dr. Jensen is the man that brought iridology to the United States from Germany. I am amazed at the synchronicity that brings me where I am now. The irises are able to help us to decode strengths and weaknesses going back generations. We can see signs for potential degenerative conditions decades before symptoms present themselves. The iris, sclera, and the pupil are wonderful teachers if we know where to look and what questions to ask.



Kim offers:

Live Iris Reading: Holistic Iridology is the art of healing based on wellness that leads to root cause of issues from the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. A 45 minute Live Iris Reading uses a state of the art Pesek Iris Camera and a computer screen where Kim will photograph your irises. Together and through your eyes, you can see the areas of elimination and detoxification to assess the conditions and levels of health. You will come away with an awareness of how subconscious patterns affect you and your ability to rescript and elevate yourself at the level of your DNA.

45 minutes: $80


Iris Analysis: This is an iridology/coaching service that comes with a standard written in-depth iris analysis and a photographed picture of the irides with the iris camera. This will tell you genetic and physical conditions and states of health on a spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical level. For a 2 week follow up, we will schedule a phone call where we will discuss your self-health assessment and what your well-being goals are. We will also discuss your areas of interest in healing.

60 minute session with 30 minute follow up: $210


Lymphatic Healing: In this session, you will learn how to move your lymphatic system at the cellular level through lifestyle and dietary changes and/or herbal protocols. A follow up session will include a scheduled 30 minute phone call to answer any further questions you may have on your healing journey.

60 minute session with 30 minute follow up: $155






Our mission at Natural Healing Centers is to encourage healing on all levels, being able to reach one’s highest potential within the sacred structure containing  body, mind and spirit.

Natural Healing Centers offers holistic or alternative forms of health care which means we treat all aspects of disease or discomfort. We treat more than just the physical symptoms. We pay attention to the emotional and spiritual issues as well. Natural Healing Centers acknowledges that the body has the best means to heal and the most knowledge about any ailments or pains we are experiencing. Our goal is to support the body and encourage healing. We offer a variety of services and are happy to assist you in finding the therapy that would be best for you.


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