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Customized Therapeutic Massage: This massage is customized to your specific needs. We can include Swedish Massage techniques for relaxation or deep tissue work and stretching to help alleviate specific problems or pains. We can also include energy work into your massage for the complete mind, body and spirit healing. Each session is customized for you.



Prenatal Massage: Pregnancy is a very special time. Extra care is taken with moms to be to provide a comfortable position. Once fully supported, we can begin to relieve muscle tension, fatigue, swelling and any other concerns. While totally relaxed, we can start to shift any lingering emotions related to pregnancy, birth and caring for a newborn. Tending to these concerns and physical discomforts will allow for a more enjoyable pregnancy, ease labor and delivery and improve postnatal recovery.



Reiki Massage: There is a physical, emotional and spiritual balance within our bodies. When one of these areas is under stress, it can create physical symptoms within us. Reiki Massage is a full body massage which focuses on loving healing energy flowing through you. This healing energy restores harmony and balance within our bodies. We will create a space where you can relax, let go, breathe and heal.


Cranial SacralTherapy: This is a gentle therapy using a specific method of touch and intention and begins by focusing on the bodies central nervous system. Our central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) has a great influence over the body’s ability to function properly. Stress and lingering emotions cause tension and restrictions within this system. These restrictions can create an emotional, spiritual, and physical imbalance resulting in pain and other dysfunctions. Through this therapy, we will focus on expanding and releasing any restrictions within the central nervous system and throughout our physical and energetic bodies. Cranial Sacral Therapy allows healing on a physical, emotional, and soul level and restores balance and harmony to all of our systems. Cranial Sacral is not a massage but can be added into any massage service.


Hot Stone Massage:  During this deeply relaxing treatment, Sara will use naturally healing heated basalt stones. These stones will be placed on the body and used an as extension of her hands to deliver traditional therapeutic massage techniques. The heat softens muscle tissue providing access to deeper work with less pressure. Great for relieving: muscle tension, chronic pain, insomnia, stress and more!


Sacred Journey Massage: This is a full body spiritual experience.  This massage can take you on a deep inner journey towards your higher self.  When we are able to connect with our higher self, we then connect with love, wisdom and true healing.  This massage will focus on relaxing our physical bodies, raising our energetic vibration, and opening and releasing energetic restrictions.  Our intention during this massage is to create a space where you can relax, quiet your mind and enjoy the sacred journey of this massage. This massage experience combines many techniques to create the body, mind, soul experience which may include sound healing, reiki, and/or cranial sacral therapy.



Reflexology & Aromatherapy

Reflexology: Reflexology stimulates nerve function, increases energy, boosts circulation, induces a deep state of relaxation, and eliminates toxins from the body. Sessions include hot towel wraps before and after treatment. Pair it with the detox & energize treatment to boost the detoxification process even more!


Jade Stone Reflexology

There are wonderful healing powers of green Jade. Jade is known to transfer your negative energy into positive energy. It's a wonderful healing stone. The Jade stone I use has been crafted into a reflexology tool I use to press and massage specific healing points on the feet. Based on traditional Chinese medicine, the energy of chi flows remarkably well through the Jade stone.

Service includes complementary flower essence infused water, so you can sip while you soak your feet at the beginning of your session. Fields of Flowers formula, a homeopathic formula, is a unique combination of the 38 traditional flower essences with each one long associated with a key element of emotional concern.


AromaTouch Technique

The AromaTouch Technique is a clinical apporoach to applying essential oils along energy meridians and visceral contact points of the back and feet to help stimulate and balance sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems of the body. The AromaTouch technique improves well-being by reducing physical and emotional stressors and by supporting healthy autonomic function.This service is not a massage and does not include any muscle tissue manipulation. Specific essential oils are applied with a gentle touch in a way to help you not only enjoy all the benefits of the essential oils themselves but also a soothing experience that leaves you refreshed, relaxed and energized all at the same time!

Benefits of AromaTouch May Include:

• improved blood flow and oxygen levels

• better distribution of oil to tissue

• reduction in stress levels

• boost in immune system function

• relaxation

• reduction in inflammation

• elevated mood

• detoxification



Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is an energy healing technique in which a Reiki master uses gentle hand movements with the intention to guide the flow of healthy energy (what’s known in Reiki as “life force energy”) through the client's body to reduce stress and promote healing. Reiki is a form of complementary and alternative medicine; there’s evidence it can reduce daily stress and help with management of some chronic diseases. When the energy centers within our body are healthy and open, so are we physically, emotionally, and mentally in our relationships with ourselves and others. But when they are blocked or out of alignment, it can create physical and emotional imbalances which hold us back us from being our best selves. Reiki healing is a great choice if you're looking to alleviate stress, anxiety, emotional or physical pain. Or if you are looking to connect back to yourself and feel more alignment in your day-to-day life.


Types of Reiki Offered

Reiki with Golden Ray: Golden Ray energy utilizes what is called the Christ Light or Unity Light. This energy can be used to heal traumas and bring healing that allows you to find peace and love where there may have once been fear and sadness. In turn, this will allow the body to heal physically. This type of healing can bring you light that will allow you to heal far beyond the session and lift burdens that may have been keeping you from living and interacting as your best self.


Reiki with Psychic Mediumship-

This Reiki session includes messages from your spirit guides, higher self, or loved ones who have crossed over, to help aid in the more emotional aspects of the Reiki healing.


Chakra Balancing-

Chakras are energy systems throughout your body that control physical, psychological and spiritual functions. When blocked or unbalanced, one may experience negative effects in the body such as headaches, sore throat, anxiety, fear, emotional numbness, feet or lower back pain, anger or inability to communicate etc. Chakra balancing within Reiki helps to release the stuck energy causing these symptoms, and patients experience a sense of relaxation, focused intention and a peace of mind


Akashic Records and Crystal Reiki-

This combination therapy includes Crystal Healing, Intuitive Guidance, and Energy Work/Reiki while aligned within the energetic Akashic Record archive of your Soul’s past, present, and future possibilities. This type of healing therapy encourages circulation of information and energy throughout the entire being of mind, body, and spirit. You will receive a crystal bundle to take home of 4-5 crystals that are specific to you and that were used during this session to continue your healing throughout your journey.


Vibrational Reiki:

Vibrational Reiki is a form of energy healing that combines Reiki and tuning forks to enhance a standard Reiki session. Using tuning forks during a Reiki session help promote a deeper healing of the physical, emotional, and spiritual level.


Inner Child Healing Reiki:

Inner Child Healing Reiki incorporates messages from your higher self as we connect to the energy of your inner child. The Reiki energy allows one to relax and surrender into a safe and healing space where you can obtain information to aid in understanding past experiences. Those experiences have shaped perceptions of self and the world we live in. All experiences from childhood are important to discern as they have led to the expression of our unique and loving soul. Messages from your higher self can bring profound clarity and deep healing, leaving the individual feeling lighter, more at peace, and ready to move forward. Messages from your inner child can also bring joy and playfulness to your life that will aid in manifestation and seeing this world once again with awe and wonder.



Spiritual Mediumship

Mediumship reading-

A mediumship reading is a private session with one of our mediums that will begin to connect with your loved ones who have crossed over to the other side, sharing the evidence and messages that your loved ones are giving. The medium does not control who or what comes through during the session but if asked, the medium can go direct if you would only like to speak to a specific loved one on the other side. Otherwise, spirit runs the show because they always seem to give us what we need.



Psychic Reading with oracle cards-

Psychic readings are where our psychic pulls oracle cards and connects to your higher self or spirit guides to help bring you guidance. Usually, our psychics will connect to different areas of your life such as relationships with yourself and others, health, or career and give one insight to what they are feeling. Emotional needs or traumas may come forward where the psychic can help bring guidance and aid in healing the emotional body as well.



Hybrid Psychic Mediumship Reading-

This reading includes both of the following listed above. Half of the reading will consist of evidence and messages from your loved ones, and the other half will include messages and guidance from your higher self to help aid your day-to-day life in healing.



Intuitive Coaching: Intuitive coaching is healing with a different focus. In this session you will be able to come with a specific focus/intention, or we can find that intention together. Through using all of the gifts that I have, I help you to find healing, and also to find your next steps on your journey. This type of coaching can help you in any aspect of your life, and will help you find the wisdom within yourself to KNOW that the answers are within you.



Inclusive Healing Session: This service uses all of the modalities Maria uses, reiki, psychic mediumship, and intuitive coaching, to clear any energetic blockages, release trapped emotions, and create action steps to encourage consistent progress beyond the session.






Ionic Foot Bath:

An ionic foot bath is a natural method of assisting the body in eliminating harmful toxins, heavy metals, and other harmful foreign matter. Electrical current passes through a set of plates in a module that is immersed in the water of a foot bathtub. The water contains sea salt and has the concentration of water from the ocean. Positive and negative ions are emitted re-energizing the body and the red blood cells. Toxins stored in the fat, kidneys, liver, bowel and skin are eliminated. It also triggers the body's lymphatic system which helps with detoxification 24-48 hours after the treatment.



Detox & Energize Treatment: Detoxification is one of the most effective methods to eliminate toxic substances that build up throughout our system. A high toxin load may cause skin problems, frequent or recurring colds, chronic pains, low energy levels, allergies and other illnesses. Medi-body mud mask and mud bath is a detox therapy that draws toxins out of the body.  Detoxing your body via the feet is considered to be one of the safest forms of detoxification.


Our mission at Natural Healing Centers is to encourage healing on all levels, being able to reach one’s highest potential within the sacred structure containing  body, mind and spirit.

Natural Healing Centers offers holistic or alternative forms of health care which means we treat all aspects of disease or discomfort. We treat more than just the physical symptoms. We pay attention to the emotional and spiritual issues as well. Natural Healing Centers acknowledges that the body has the best means to heal and the most knowledge about any ailments or pains we are experiencing. Our goal is to support the body and encourage healing. We offer a variety of services and are happy to assist you in finding the therapy that would be best for you.


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