Our mission at Natural Healing Centers is to encourage healing on all levels, being able to reach one’s highest potential within the sacred structure containing  body, mind and spirit.

Phone: 708-468-8561

Meet the Practitioners:


Ronica Perez, L.Ac.

Ronica Perez graduated summa cum laude from the National University of Health Sciences with a Master’s Degree in Acupuncture.

She is a diplomate of the NCCAOM (the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) and a licensed acupuncturist in the state of Illinois.


She became interested in Chinese medicine when she wasn’t happy with the answers she was getting from her child’s pediatrician. Someone had suggested to her that she see a ‘Chinese Doctor’ for her concerns. Because she knew nothing about this type of medicine and had heard so many warnings about the dangers of herbal medicine, she had to do some investigating. What she found was that not only did she want to start seeing these ‘Chinese Doctors’ but she wanted to become one. She went to the National University of Health Sciences to hear Dr. Kwon talk about acupuncture and oriental medicine. Dr. Kwon talked about how to treat the common cold. Using Chinese medical theories, he explained how one medicine would not work on all individuals who have a cold. He pointed to the people in the lecture and said though everyone in the room had a cold, this one had a fever, this one had a sore throat, this one had a clear, runny nose, and this one had chills. Chinese medicine looks at each person and records each symptom to make a prescription and treatment plan that is unique and specific to each individual. After listening to Dr. Kwon, she had to learn more, and immediately enrolled in the Master’s program for Acupuncture.


Ronica also incorporates ZYTO biofeedback technology. Using this extraordinary modern technology with the wisdom of the ancient philosophies, she is able to give each patient insight as to why they are experiencing discomforts and develop a plan not only to treat the current symptoms but also to try to prevent them from occurring again.


Chinese medicine requires the practitioner to be skilled at listening to patients and finding the ‘root cause’ of complaints. Patients are able to take more responsibility for their health and learn about the amazing healing capabilities of the human body. Instead of feeling “Why does this type of stuff always happen to me…,” the patient becomes empowered to change and to heal. The effects of the acupuncture treatments continue to amaze Ronica. She is constantly educating herself about this medicine that is thousands of years old and is honored to be able to share this knowledge with others.


Ronica offers:

 * Acupuncture

 * Cupping

 * ZYTO Biofeedback Testing

 * Nutritional Support and Food Sensitivity Testing

 * EVOX perception reframing for emotional release

 * Reiki Energy Healing


Pam Montalbano, Massage Therapist

My intention as a Massage Therapist is to bring relaxation, restore energy, relieve pain and support the bodies natural healing process.  I focus on the the spiritual aspects of massage allowing my intuition to guide me through each session.  I create a space where the body and spirit can communicate what it needs.


I am trained in several modalities including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Esalen, Lymphatic, Thai Massage, Prenatal, Oncology Massage, Cranial Sacral and Reiki.  Each session is tailored to the clients specific needs.  I pull from each of these modalities to create a unique healing experience.  I may combine relaxation, deep tissue, stretching and energy work all within one session.  My technique includes using long flowing deep strokes, deep enough to allow healing but gentle enough to allow the client to remain relaxed.


Pam offers:

 * Customized Therapeutic Massage

 * Cranial Sacral

 * Reiki Massage

 * Sacred Journey Massage

 *  Lymphatic Massage

 *  Prenatal Massage


Judith Monahan, Channeler and Spiritual Counselor

Judith Monahan is an internationally known channel. She began channeling messages from “The Brotherhood for Healing” in 1987 after working diligently to develop her psychic abilities. Since 1987, Judith has channeled messages and healing energy from these highly evolved souls who are dedicated to helping humanity and the planet to heal at profound levels. The mission of “The Brotherhood for Healing” is to elevate our vibration, improve the quality of our lives and access our creative portal.

What is the Source of Guidance?


There is no way to pinpoint a location from where spiritual guidance comes. There are many sources of information. The energies that Judith channels are known as “The Brotherhood for Healing.” These energies are an aspect of “The White Brotherhood” also known as “Melchezadek.” Before each channeling session, Judith prays to create a sacred place. When channeling, she seeks only the highest vibration. The information that flows through comes from a place of non-judgment and love. You will feel safe, loved, accepted and empowered throughout a channeling session.


Judith offers:

 * Individual Channeled sessions

 * Group Channeled Events

 * Channeled Meditations from the Ascended Masters


Roni Roehlk, Master Reiki Practitioner

Roni Roehlk Carver has been studying energy through many modalities for more than half of her life. She started studying meditation in her early 20’s, searching for her own inner peace along with her higher purpose. In Roni’s own personal drive, she came to understand that all of our answers are held within our own universal power. Through this journey Roni started to incorporate many healing energy modalities. As of today she is a Reiki Master/ Energy Healer, Certified Mindfulness Practitioner, alongside a Holistic & Purpose Life Coach. Roni’s personal purpose and drive in this life is to guide others into their own awakening and healing. She believes we all have the universal power and intuitive nature to guide us on the path you were meant to live in life and health. Roni’s mission is to give you a safe space in which you may grow, as you tap into your own innate abilities. We were all born with this inner wisdom and knowing, Roni’s goal is to awaken you as you are reminded of ‘who you are’ and the beauty & power that already lies within. She looks forward to walking this journey with you.


Roni offers:

*Chakra Balancing

*Crystal Reiki


*Embracing Shadow Workshops

*Tarot Card Readings

*Guided Meditations



Shannon Harris, Audio Pharmacology and Sound Healing

Shannon has over 28 years of international experience as a DJ, musician, composer, producer, remixer and performer.    Since 2006, he has been a devoted practitioner of Qi Gong/TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)/Meditation/Bazi/Yoga and veganism, which lead to creating Audio Pharmacology®.  Audio Pharmacology® is an integrative technique of ancient healing systems using medicinal music, light and visuals.  It utilizes the Five Element System (Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire) coupled with Chakra, Solfeggio, Planetary, Pythagorean, Kemetic, and other eastern modalities to aid in the sensational process of tonal healing to induce vibrational harmony to its clients.  Lead by his passion to exceed every client’s expectations and experiences, Shannon wishes to heal those in need through his love for sound, energy, spirituality, technology and health.


Shannon offers:

 * Individual Sessions for Pain Management with Light and Sound

 * Group Gong Shower Meditations

 * Drumming Meditations

 * Drum Circle

 * Qi Gong and Sound Healing Group Event

 * Group Classes


Benjamin Savage, Gong Meditations

Benjamin Savage is an artist and friend of the gong. He has studied Shamanism and Buddhism for over 20 years, he is a lifelong seeker and spiritually oriented being; a child of Nature. He has a strong connection to universal intuition and is motivated through that intuition in his performances and in his life. Since a child he has explored many spiritual traditions searching for the unifying elements connecting all paths; the resonating truth of love and light in all beings. This has led him to the gong, which seems to be a portal for communicating directly with the oneness that connects and permeates all things. Benjamin performs gong meditations (or gong baths) and creates artwork to facilitate reconnection with the divine in all things.


Group Sessions: Relax in a zero-gravity chair and enjoy the healing benefits of the gong. The tones and vibrations produced by the gong allow for many levels of healing the body. Every experience is different and unique based on the needs of the body at that particular moment in time. Benjamin is always available after the session if you would like to share your experience.


Individual Sessions: Using the sounds and vibrations of the gongs, Benjamin creates a powerful and harmonic healing experience. The incorporation of sound therapy allows the body to open up and be free to experience transformations on all levels.



Danica Mathis, Reiki Practitioner, Yoga Instructor

Danica completed her 200 hour teacher training course at Reflections Yoga Center. She is also certified in Karuna Reiki and incorporates this energy flow into her yoga practice. She has always had a love for Yoga and knew it was a special practice. It was not until her daughter Maya was born that she truly experienced the wonders of Yoga. Yoga has transformed her into a more confident, grounded, and spiritual being. Danica currently serves her other passion as a Spanish High School teacher and incorporates Yoga practice into the classroom. She believes Yoga is a journey and whoever takes this journey will find miracles. It is her desire to bring the same joy to her students that was brought to her through Yoga. Because Yoga connects the Mind, Body, and Spirit, Danica hopes that all who experience the joys of Yoga will come to find their true selves.


Danica offers:

 * Hatha Yoga for All Levels

 * Yoga and Meditation

 * Jammie Yoga

 * Reiki Yoga

 * Individual Reiki Session with Yoga

 * Yoga and Mudra classes



Betty Perez, Transformational Coach

Betty is a transformational coach who helps clients transform their lives by releasing old limiting patterns and beliefs and forming new ways of relating to themselves, others and the world around them.  Her clients include both women and men who have the desire to self-actualize and become all that they can be in the Lifetime.

Betty is also a Feminine Power facilitator and a Feminine Power Certified Global Leader, trained to impact and influence others to bring forward a world where humanity can thrive in peace, mutual understanding, and respect of each other and the planet itself.  She has a B.A. in Secondary Education and Sociology and a Masters Degree in Applied Linguistics, specializing in gender language. She has spent the last 4 years studying transformational theory and practice and the principles of creating through the Divine Feminine with Dr. Claire Zammit of Evolving Wisdom.  She is currently preparing to become a mentor to other transformational coaches and facilitators.

 Betty offers:

 * Individual Coaching sessions for Transformation

 * Book Club

 * Transformational Coach


Monica Ruane, Aromatherapist, Reflexolgy

Aromatherapy is defined as the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit.

On a deeper level, essential oils are the "spirits" of plants, trees, flowers, seeds and resins. Essential oils are the original "medicine" of our ancestors and they heal on emotional, spiritual, mental and physical levels.  Monica connects with the spirits of the essential oils and intuitively uses them to heal others.

As a certified Aromatherapist, Monica is able to create custom oil blends for her clients that promote well-being within the delicate balance of body, mind and spirit. The Plant Kingdom offers a vast array of options for situations ranging from medical conditions, to maintaining wellness, to expanding one’s intuitive and spiritual experiences.  For some, the magnitude and diversity of these options is a bit overwhelming, and they need some assistance in determining which essences are best for their needs and interests.

Monica offers:

 * Personal Aromatherapy Consultation (One-on-One In Person or by Phone)-

* Custom Blending including Perfume, Skincare, and Topical Remedies

* Reflexology


John Robertson, Tai Qi/Qi Gong

John began his martial arts training in the spring of 2000 after moving to the United States from Germany. He began a Tai Chi course at Elmhurst Park District, as means to improve his overall health and sense of balance. In November 2001, John began training in the Korean martial art of Tang Soo Do. In the spring of 2002, he spent a month backpacking round China. During that trip he had the opportunity to practice Tai Chi and Qi Gong in the parks with the locals. John has found his teaching has helped develop his understanding of the martial arts, their true depths, and the connection between martial arts, qi gong, acupressure, acupuncture, reflexology, Reiki, traditional Chinese medicine and the I Ching. To truly understand martial arts he has found you need to understand all these aspects, to learn how to heal as well as defend.

John offers:

 * Tai Chi/Qi Gong classes

 * various workshops


Pamela Arwine, Reiki Master/Teacher, Hypnotherapy, Metaphysical Healer

Pamela can look into your field of energy, drawing out energies, frequencies and patterns which may be keeping you stuck, talk things through to shift awareness and nurture healing with powerful energetic transmissions. Her full line of more than 50 beautiful Meditation CD's will support you along the journey back to physical and emotional health and full awareness of your soul. Pamela offers classes in the dynamic new system she has developed, Quantum Healing Energetics, Healing with the Sound of Light. This ground-breaking new system incorporates the use of 20 powerful energetics applied in a way that honors the unique needs of each individual. She offers three levels of training in the Lemurian Light Healing which was channeled to her during a trip to Tibet in 2005. She also offers workshops in Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, and Metaphysical Hypnotherapy (including Past Life Regression Work) as well as advanced Master Intuitive Healing. She'll take you from beginning to very advanced with the intention of bringing students through a path of healing into the clarity and bliss of pure awareness.

Pamela offers:

 * private phone sessions ($90)

* various workshops at Natural Healing Centers including Karuna Reiki and Lemurian      Light   Healing and Metaphysical Hypnotherapy


Safiya Omosanya is an OTR/L, Licensed Occupational Therapist, Life Transformational Coach, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (EFT), Laughter Yoga Leader.

Whether you are emotionally stressed, anxious, unfulfilled, or stuck in a rut, I can provide you with a roadmap to a fruitful and more satisfying life. I use Mind Body Techniques that are proven effective in helping people, release emotional stress, anxiety, fear, and blocks to living the kind of life they want. The modalities I use are Emotional Freedom Techniques, and Law of Attraction. EFT is an amazing technique that gets results when others don't. When EFT is coupled with Law of Attraction and Life Coaching, the results are transformational. I get such satisfaction when I see your transformation.

Safiya Offers:

* Individual Sessions

* EFT for Kids

* EFT Group Sessions



Janelle Ladalski: Yoga Instructor

Janelle began practicing yoga in search for complete wellness and happiness through self-love and care.

When she first began yoga, she felt the healing connection of mind and body. Through the years of practice and meditation Janelle has learned to reflected inward with gratitude, forgiveness and compassion. Janelle’s journey has led her to the mentorship of Jim Bennitt and James Tennant of Tejas Yoga Chicago. It was there that she completed their year-long teacher training program and continue to further her education within the respected yoga community that she is so fortunate to be a part of. Janelle’s 9 year career as a public school teacher has empowered me with the confidence and skill to teach others. Her 8 year practice of yoga has gifted her the subtle practice of awareness, kindness, and patience for herself as well as for all others. Janelle feels most connected in her life when she is sharing this vital knowledge. It is this knowledge and awareness that empowers all of us to see the many tools and choices that are always available to us. These choices we make can lead to balance, complete wellness, and happiness in every day of our lives. Janelle looks forward to sharing this with you.

Janelle Offers:

*Morning Yoga

*Chair Yoga

*Private Yoga Sessions (this can be available through the privacy of your own home, at Natural Healings Center, or even getting together with a group of friends. Janelle is interested in working with people who are new to yoga or looking to develop a personal practice. Email at janelleladalski@gmail.com to set an appointment up.)




Melissa LoBianco: Akashic Records Practitioner, Reiki Master

Melissa is a Certified Akashic Records Practitioner and Reiki Master. The Akashic Records are an archive of our Souls’ past, present, and future possibilities. The Records offer empowerment and transformation by lending us the wisdom, guidance, and energetic support that we need in this lifetime to heal and move forward in a positive light.


Melissa uses the Akashic Records to offer spiritual therapy, perspective, and guidance on issues or questions you may have regarding your life and your journey.


Melissa offers:

*Individual Sessions

*Group Classes


Sara Musial: Massage Therapist

Massage and therapeutic bodywork is for everyone! Need an evening or weekend appointment? Sara is here for you. She is a clinically trained licensed massage therapist with a background in mental health counseling. She has over 9 years massage experience with the last 3 years spent studying and practicing energy work. If you are wanting to increase general well-being, decrease stress, heal from chronic pain, illness or emotional suffering schedule a session with Sara. She will use intuition to offer a nurturing session designed especially for you and use intention to create a safe space for you to let go.


Services offered:

Therapeutic massage

Prenatal massage

Hot stone massage

Sacred Journey Massage

Cranial Sacral Therapy



Haley Anderson Bogdan, Certified Hypnotist, Past Life Practitioner, and Reiki Master

Haley is a Certified Hypnotist (C.H.t) with the ICBCH, a Past Life Practitioner, and Reiki Master. Haley’s own past life regression experiences have given her profound insight into understanding the patterns in her current life and awakened a deep emotional realization of her true spiritual identity. Regression work and hypnosis is her passion and although newer to the field, has a deep spiritual connection and her intuitive nature allows to be combined with a variety of methods including: past life regression, hypnotherapy, journeying, reiki and other modalities to help her clients heal body, mind and spirit.

Haley Offers:

*Past Life Regression Therapy


*Group Hypnosis Classes


Carol Kwitkowski: Medium, Psychic, Reiki Master

Carol Kwitkowski is a medium, a psychic and a Reiki Master. Her spiritual journey began before age 3, following the loss of her baby brother Eddie. She started having dreams about what happens when we die.  As a young adult, in search of answers, she went to psychics and mediums to find out if there really was an afterlife.


Fast-forward to age 36: she had a stroke. The type of stroke she had leaves many paralyzed, and some don’t make it through at all. She was told over and over that she was “lucky.” Her stroke left her with minor complications, one being a fullness in her head. She felt she was forever changed. She had an overwhelming sense of being connected to God. She knew she had more to do in this life. She felt like she was on a divine mission, but wasn’t sure what it all meant.


From there she started learning as much as she could about our connection to spirit and intuition. She read metaphysical books, watched videos, took classes and workshops — everything and anything about healing and the other side.


It wasn’t long before other people’s loved ones in spirit started coming to her while in meditation. That left her in awe. In learning to connect to the other side, she was learning the language of spirit. She was trying to sort out exactly what was going on with her


She then lost her older brother, PJ. He and her shared the last year of his life on a spiritual journey together. They were a team. With PJ’s passing, that threw her into “full speed.” She was determined to have a connection to her brothers, no matter what.  That prompted her to became a Reiki Master with the hope of having more experiences with her brothers. As time went on, she started connecting with loved ones for other people.


Her heart and soul lies in helping people see that our loved ones are with us. They truly are. From being a doubting Thomas at the start of her journey to now having her own first-hand experience, she became a believer. We all have our own divine mission, and Carol’s is to help people connect with their loved ones in spirit, and for them to see the beauty of their soul.


Carol offers:

*Intuitive Reiki

*Spiritual Guidance/Mediumship



Diane Rekar, Certified Sound Vibrational Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner

Diane has been practicing Reiki for over 15 years and is certified in Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki and Lemurian Light Healing. All her services offered incorporate tuning forks. She also runs our Kids Club classes that we offer at NHC.


Diane offers


*Vibrational Reiki

*Chakra Balancing

*Aura Cleansing

*Chakra Balancing for Kids

*Aura Cleansing for Kids


Angelica Costa, Spiritual Medium and Author

Angelica always knew she had a gift with helping others transform themselves and guiding them towards their most authentic selves. When she began to deepen her connection with spirit and her angel guides, she realized her mediumship and psychic abilities were also strengthening. She has a strong connection to the angelic realm and knows the importance of connecting with loved ones, spirit guides, and angels. She knew by depending on this part of herself she would be able to help others through dark times in their lives. Angelica can help you gain clarity on getting through the darkness, giving you new clear insight into your selves, and connecting you with loved ones and their important messages for you. She is the author of Graceful: A Soul’s Journey, which can give you more insight into her own self-transformation from dark to light with the help of her angel guides. Angelica has dedicated her life to helping all those who need extra support while on their own soul transformational path.