Our mission at Natural Healing Centers is to encourage healing on all levels, being able to reach one’s highest potential within the sacred structure containing  body, mind and spirit.

Phone: 708-468-8561

Natural Healing Centers will remain open for TeleHealth and TeleMedicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine is based in Taoist philosophy and rests on several thousands of years of observation, clinical experience and scholarly research. Using this knowledge, Ronica can identify disharmony in the body by evaluating the presentation of symptoms and tongue diagnosis. She is also able to incorporate remote biofeedback technology to offer insight for the proper recommendations to alleviate the symptoms.


If you are experiencing any pain, digestive discomfort, allergies, hormonal imbalance, sleeping issues, anxiety, depression, emotional tension, or any symptoms that are making you feel “not quite yourself,” we can offer support. Ronica will recommend food eliminations to consider that may be causing inflammation in the body, foods that will encourage healing, and supplements if needed. She will also offer other lifestyle therapies that would encourage further healing based on the findings of your session such as breathing exercises, yoga, Epsom salt foot soaks, etc.


If you have any questions about how understanding the body from a TCM perspective can help you feel healthier, more energized and at peace, please give us a call. TeleHealth and TeleMedicine may be covered by your insurance.

30 minute session…$50


Please note our new hours:

Monday: 9am-3pm

Tuesday: 9am-3pm


Thursday: 9am-8pm

Friday: 9am-3pm

Saturday: 9am-3pm


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Ronica Perez, MSAc, LAc

Illinois Licensed Acupuncturist


Phone: 708-468-8561


Email: RonicaChicago@gmail.com



Monday: 9am-3pm

Tuesday: 9am-3pm

Wednesday: 9am - 3pm

Thursday: 9am - 3pm

Friday: 9am-3pm

Saturday: 9am-3pm



We accept insurance!!

Call us and we will check if you are qualified



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Tinley Park, IL 60477


Natural Healing Centers offers holistic or alternative forms of health care which means we treat all aspects of dis-ease or discomfort. We treat more than just the physical symptoms. We pay attention to the emotional and spiritual issues as well. Natural Healing Centers acknowledges that the body has the best means to heal and the most knowledge about any ailments or pains we are experiencing. Our goal is to support the body and encourage healing. We offer a variety of services and are happy to assist you in finding the therapy that would be best for you.

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